The best stone-built Nioson in Japan - Visit Unexplored mountain temple

There are many sculpture of Nioson or Niozo in Japan temple. You can see that made by wood, stone, Iron or copper.

This Mt.Eagle cave temple (shukutsuzan temple) Nioson is made by stone and it is No.1 biggest in Japan.

It size about over 4 meters including stand.

This Mt.Eagle cave temple (shukutsuzan temple) is located Chichibu in Saitama prefecture and it is designated as Chichibu Fudasho No. 31 of 34 place in total.

Chichibu Fudasho mean the official name is Chichibu 34 Kannon Sacred Ground, which is a pilgrimage to Kannon.

And this temple is said to be a temple in the back of the steepest mountain.

You can see that by going inside.

After passing through between the two very strong face Nioson, the stairs continue up from there to the main hall.

I know you wanted to in style fashionable and meet Nioson, but in reality, recommended with sneakers and stretch pants.

Because, there are 296 stone steps.

The 296 stone steps has consist of the sum of the 276 characters of the Heart Sutra(Hannya Singyou) and the 20 characters of the sentence to hope(Huekou) that everyone can achieve Buddhism by spreading the merit of the transfer of merit.

Therefore, climbing this staircase means that you are chanting the sutra, and that you are spreading the merit of the sutra to the world.<