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From Special Price from JPY9,200/ per person~ with breakfast and special present!

SADACHIYO Sukeroku no Yado (貞千代 助六の宿)- Asakusa Tokyo

Sadachiyo is one of the few remaining ryokans in central Tokyo. It is very quiet despite being in the heart of the city, because it is orientated away from a main road. The inside of the ryokan has many Japanese antiques so you can fully experience and be immersed in the Edo era atmosphere.

We have Japanese-style private cottage houses, as well as a modern Japanese-style new annex. Guests are welcomed with local herb tea, served in our tatami-floored lobby.



Kamesei Ryokan (亀清旅館) - Togura Kamiyamada Onsen (Ngano)

A traditional hot spring hotel, with a "Blue-eyed Japanese innkeeper," offering constant and free-flowing hot springs which have beautifying effects on the skin. Guests can enjoy Chef Takei's cuisine while admiring the inner garden and the warmth of the wood interior.


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