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Hike and Learn the Geopark in Saitama

Cow in the way to Mt.Mino
Cuteeee! Cow in the way to Mt.Mino

Introduce about hiking experience Mt.Mino of the geopark in Chichibu in Saitama.

Mt.Mino is located in Chichibu area, as you know I have been introduce this area on the past blog too.

Before hiking, have lunch at Bushu-men(Japanese noodle Udon restaurant) at Ogawa machi where is about 40 min by car located from Mt.Mino.

On this day, despite emergency situation but many people enjoying Udon because as with this restaurant too, almost restaurant in Japan has been taking measures to prevent the spread of infection.

After lunch enjoyed, heading to Mt.Mino and start hiking.

On this time, chose the hiking course around 3 hours 6km round trip. This course start from Michino-eki(roadside staion) Minano near the Oyahana station climb the Mt.Mino and after climb down, back to the Michino-eki Minano via the Oyahana station by Chichibu railway from Wado-Kuroya station.

Following map display only walking case, but actually use local train from Wado-kuroya station to Oyahana station.

1st stop is Manpuku temple. There are same name temple in Kyoto but it is different sect.

Let's in to the Mt.Mino. There are signboard which says Be care full about the Bear and boar..

Proceed to summit of the Mt.Mino park!!

Able to meet beautiful flowers at each place.

Can see the many kind of flowers trough the four seasons.

On this day May 3rd which middle of Golden week holiday in Japan so azalea will be in full bloom, but it seems a little early? If here full bloom, it will more beautiful way!!

Any case, healed me by many plants and flowers.

A resting place in the nice shade.

And walk more little bit.

nice view from the rest place!

Arrived more wide place where is nice mountain range view.

On the way to the summit, found the cherry blossom;)

Finally, I arrived the summit!!

And here is Observatory where able to see Chichibu-bonchi(basins).

Also famous for "See of Clouds" around here so, might be enjoy the fantastic scenery in collaboration with the sea of clouds and the flowers of the four seasons if fulfill weather conditions etc.

The time it takes to here is 90 minutes i my case. It will different by any cases and people.

There are vending machine and restroom here.

After short break, go down the mountain through the way of azalea and heading to Hijiri shrine.

It took about an hour from the summit to the Hijiri Shrine.

Hijiri shrine is said that related to the casting of Wado-kaiho which is said to be the first circulated coinage in Japan. And "Zenigami-sama(God of currency)" is enshrined.

In this time, I did not visit but, there is the "Wado Ruins", strip mining where Wado was mined nearby.

The circular sculpture one on the right side of the main shrine is model on the Japanese coin currency. Actually, Japanese coin is not such a big;)

There are "Ema" which wooden plaques that people write their prayers or wishes on.

Also, These Ema are shape of coin too.

After worship, heading to Wado kuroya station by walk after that go to Oyahana station by Chichibu railway then, back to Michino-Eki Minano of starting point.

Wado Kuroya station railway platform

Just when I have been waiting the train, the train arrived of the opposite way which decorated with anime set in Chichibu.

This train operating between Kumagaya station and Chichibu station from 3rd April 2021 for the time being.

If you have interested in Chichibu railway, you can refer following website.

It was very relaxed with many nature view from the window during the train to Oyahana station.

Total durations about 3 hours including transfer by train. I think it is just right time duration as a hike that able to fully enjoy on a day trip. If could return to Mino Road Station by 5 pm, could buy local vegetables and food.

How is it? In covid-19 situation and could not go out to place where many people so I would like to feel nature more.

This hiking for the first time in quite a while for me, but it was good experience to learned explore Chichibu and coexist with nature.

I hope this article will be help your plan of Japan travel.

Hope to see you soon in Japan.

Keep smile!


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