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Still autumn is coming 2020

In Japan wearing autumn color and feel cold day by day.

This cover picture is Haruna Shrine in Gunma prefecture.

Let's introduce Haruna Shrine

It is located from 2.5 hours from Tokyo by car used high way.

This is a shrine that is said to be a power spot among Japanese shrines.

In particular, it is called one of the best power spots in the Kanto region and has a history of over 1400 years.

Also, since this shrine was originally a temple, it has a different entrance from a normal shrine.

There was a remnant of the famous Nio statue in a Japanese temple, But now, it is changed into a Zuijin statue.

As we walked forward, the Seven Lucky Gods appeared in places and seemed to welcome us.

The Seven Lucky Gods are seven gods, each of whom has different powers, but they are very happy gods in Japan.

At the main hall I pray for peace around the world and say in my heart "thank you god for we are able to visited here safely now like this."

After pray, can see the big rock on the top of rock mountain, It is said to be auspicious rock because it is a rock that is likely to fall and does not fall.

In Japan do campaign called "Go To Travel" So, people go to go Travel to support the tourism and economy of course keep wearing face mask, keep social distance, keep care mind to covid-19.

When I went Haruna shrine, it was on Saturday but few people who travelers also I saw few people from other country.

It is very sad situation now, but we believe Japan show you more beautiful nature when we who all over the people could get over the covid-19.

Hope to see you soon in Japan.

Keep smile!


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