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Culture experience in Japan
Culture experience in Japan

Came Japan, Do Experience as souvenir for yours.

Please do not hesitate to contact us regarding others experience.

SHUKUBO at Koyasan Wakayama Temple stay self cleansing.

Koyasan founded twelve centuries ago by priest Kukai(Kobo Daishi).
There are many monastic center Also, it is headquarters of Shingon Buddhism and spread to all Japan from there.

Experience SHUKUBO and learn ZEN through stay at the Temple . 
Arrange the English Guide or there are English speaking monk.

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From 12,500/per person

SHUKUBO at Kyoto self cleansing.

There are many deeply history Temple at Kyoto.
Hieizan founded twelve centuries ago by Saicho.

Experience SHOJIN cuisine (Buddhist cuisine) is utilized the ingredients of Kyoto.
Also,Learn SHAKYO and Za ZEN through stay at the Kyoto Temple. Arrange the English Guide or there are English speaking monk.

From JPY7,500/per person

Relax and Enjoy the art and Japanese traditional food, sight places.

Let's tour Konpira san and Nao Island art and museum!

High Light

:Konpira- gu known as "konpira - san" where is famous for sea gods

:Feel old atmosphere streets that continue to the Shrine

:Eat traditional noodle Sanuki Udon

:Do cruise and feel sea breez of Seto sea and watch many island

:Tour of art of Nao island

:Cycle for tour in Nao Island

From 86,700/per person as eg. itinerary <will tailor made following your hope itinerary, Please ask us do not hesitate.>

TEA Ceremony at each area.

Tea ceremony has some school.
It is different of ceremony(manners).
Famous school is URASENKE.
it will be Good experience if you could experienced all school of tea ceremony.

From JPY500/per person

SUSHI Handmade Experience at TOKYO.

Do you like SUSHI? or other Japanese cuisine?
You can enjoy Sushi handmade experience, Get Sushi Master!!
learn and eat Japanese sensitive hand technic.
Make your friend and family Sushi when you back.
Handmade is Fun!! 
Not only SUSHI, but also you can handmade other WASHOKU.
Please let us know What WASHOKU would you like to cooking(Japanese Cuisine).
We can arrangement good teacher(chef) according your hope.

If hope other area of Japan, please ask us feel free.

From JPY3,500/per person

Luxury Kimono Experience.

You can experience luxury kimono wearing what made from minority special technical and material. Also, photo shot like a celebrity.

JPY13,900+TAX/per person

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