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snowmonkeys RYUOO

What is Snow Monkeys?


"Snow monkeys" is very popular. Located Jigokudani park.
This monkeys are kind of Japanese monkeys,they are enjoy traditional open air bath.
Everybody unbelievable that monkeys enjoy bath like a people. 
They looks so very happy and they are very friendly. But please do not give food to them it is prohibit.
If you give any food to them they start fight to takes food and hurt each other.
They living their life in very peaceful now because does not fight.
Please watching warm and save in the nature flow.
You can see "the Snow monkeys" on the nature only here in the world.
Of course, no recommend to take a bath with monkeys.
Enjoy Yudanaka Onsen you are.
Here is near the Kitashiga Ryuoo,this is famous ski resort with Yudanaka hot spring town.
If you have plan to go to Shinshu area or RYUOO,come and see the "Snow monkeys".


Booking and Enquire reagarding the  Snow Monkey Tour

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