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The flowers that informer of Japan earliest arrival of spring

I went the "Ogose bairin" where is one of the three major plum grove in the Kanto region.

In the 2 hectare garden, there are a total of about 1,000 trees such as white plums, red plums, and Ogose plums, also including around the this plum grove, 20,000 plum blossoms will bloom.

What is image of plum? maybe images in "Ume-boshi" like below.

Ume-boshi is salted Ume(plums) and it is Japanese traditional food.

I'm think there are people who have eaten Ume-boshi, can see the flowering tree of plum at there.

*Description: The kind of trees that can be harvested fruit are limited.

About the blooming period are different depend on kind of plum but it is one of the flowering trees that signal the arrival of spring earlier than cherry blossoms, which begins to bloom around the New Year or around the Japanese calendar of "Risshun".

And plum blossoms are auspicious and have been loved for a long time.

*Description: Risshun meaning is the day beginning of spring. And it around 3th February.

The best period to see is from mid-February to early March.

This Ogose bairin is located in Ogose, Iruma District, Saitama Prefecture.

Yuzu(citrus) is also famous in this region, so I stopped by a restaurant Otaka for lunch before going to Ogose bairin.

Currently, under the influence of corona, so social distance and virus infection prevention measures are taken. so can enjoy the Udon noodles without worry.

What I ate here was Udon noodles kneaded with yuzu.

That day was a warm temperature, so I ate cold Udon noodles with tempura, I really liked this the refreshing scent of yuzu.

Souvenirs are also sale here, so enjoy the yuzu Udon even when you home.

Yuzu's Shichimi (spices) is also delicious.

After the lunch, the restaurant's pretty cat see me off and heading to Ogose bairin.

He is smiling:)

This is entrance of Ogose bairin. In usually, needed entrance fee but this year was free entrance because not good blooming.

In this place also social distance and virus infection prevention measures are taken too.

Many kinds of plum blossoms were in bloom there. 

This yellow plum is called "rou-bai" rou mean candles because it is texture like candle. smells like citrus.

Honey bee came to collect the honey of plum blossoms.

There are also mini SL locomotives and souvenir shops that family-friendly and hold some event Japanese Shishimai(lion) dance and so on but this year has't hold due to covid-19.

You can also buy Ume-boshi and plum juice, other plum products made at the surrounding plum farms and other local product.

After the Ogose bairin, went to the Tamagawa onsen hot spring near by.

In this place also social distance and virus infection prevention measures are taken too.

Looks old period scene of the movie. This hot spring concept is Showa period in Japan. *Description: In Japan has the rule to change era names only when a new emperor acceded to the throne(now is the Reiwa period).

Colorful and Nostalgic old things are placed everywhere and entertain my eyes.

I do not have any picture of hot spring but it's super healing me from the moment enter them with a very thick spring quality. There are bathtubs inside and half open air, so you can enjoy it in two places.

There is a modern TV in the half open air bathroom, and it made me feel strange because of the fusion of nostalgia and modern times.

There are not only hot springs but also meals, and there are massages, relaxing hammocks, balconies, and a mini library, so if you like hot springs, you can enjoy it for half a day.

It's a very precious time for me in this corona situation, but I was very healed and enjoyed the spring beginnings by this day trip.

The Ogose area introduced this time is about 2 hours by train and 1 hour half by car from Tokyo.

How is it? Saitama prefecture there are not sea but rich source of nature things and tasty food. This is next to Tokyo. Can you believe it?

I hope this article will be help your plan of Japan travel.

Hope to see you soon in Japan.

Keep smile!


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