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Short trip explored Kumamoto - visit fun and eat.

Just around this time last year, I was visiting Kumamoto on a business trip. I am writing this article now remembering that.

It was a time when there was little influence of corona in Japan.

It was one night and two days, but I think the content is quite deep.

"Kumamon" of Kumamoto Tourism Ambassador
"Kumamon" of Kumamoto Tourism Ambassador

"Kumamon" comes to my mind when I hear Kumamoto.

It is the most famous character which represents Kumamoto.

You can see that printed in souvenir and goods anywhere if you walk around the city.

Kumamoto castle in reconstruction
Kumamoto castle in reconstruction

It was raining that day and I couldn't go to Kumamoto Castle because of other job.

But, It is very valuable to see up close the castle under reconstruction after the 2016 Kumamoto earthquake, so I regret not gone there.

At night, I went to a restaurant in Kumamoto city and had a famous cuisine "Basashi" which is raw horse meat.

In Japan, there are several regions that eat horse meat.

Kumamoto is one of them.

It tastes very good but if you eat too much, you may not be able to sleep!?

After that, had Kumamoto ramen which a medium-thin noodle that goes perfectly with the flavor of charred garlic chips and the rich tonkotsu soup.

There are many ramen shops, so recommend to visit and find your favorite!

Thanks to Kumamoto, I had a very good dream that day.

From Kumamoto station to Misumi station
From Kumamoto station to Misumi station

Historic Misumi station
Historic Misumi station
Historic Misumi station inside like a church
Historic Misumi station inside like a church

Day 2, I took a train from Kumamoto station and came to a place called Misumi station.

The station looks like a church both in appearance and inside. This station is located in the Amakusa region of Kumamoto prefecture, it has a famous history of Christianity was preached by the Portuguese in the past, and it seems to be related to the fact that there are still many churches.

nostalgic atmosphere Misumi West Port
nostalgic atmosphere Misumi West Port

About 5 minutes by car from Misumi Station, there is a port called Misumi West Port, which was once used for trade.

In addition, Misumi West Port is registered as a World Cultural Heritage Site in 2015, and the cobblestone harbor and Western-style building that make full use of advanced masonry technology are left as they were built in the Meiji era. Now It is also used in dramas and movies.

It is a very rare Western-style building that combines Japanese tiled roof and Western style.

It has been highly regarded as the only port historic site in Japan.

If go up the hill with the sea behind, there is the former courthouse (lawhouse). The view is also beautiful from the hill.

View from the bridge
View from the bridge

After departing from Misumi West Port, cross the bridge over the Ariake Sea that connects several islands and enjoyed the calm scenery. This photo was had shoot from car. This region is also well known for meeting dolphins. I can understand why the dolphin likes here.

Dekopon road station (Michi no Eki Shiranui)
Dekopon road station (Michi no Eki Shiranui)

On the way back to Kumamoto city, I stopped by Shiranuhi Road Station(Michi no Eki Shiranui). Don't forget the fruit "Dekopon" here Shiranui town is the birthplace of Kumamoto!

Shiranui is also name of town and one of the citrus fruits of the rutaceae and is the name of a variety made by crossing two types of citrus fruits.

The name "Dekopon" was given by Kumamoto prefecture.

You can enjoy ice cream made from "Dekopon" at here that is sweet and sourness and refreshing citrus aroma will healing tiredness of the trip.

How is it? I haven't introduced all of them this time, but Kumamoto is a place with rich resources, seafood and mountain food, and activities.

I hope this article will be help your plan of Japan travel.

Hope to see you soon in Japan.

Keep smile!


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