Short trip explored Kumamoto - visit fun and eat.

Just around this time last year, I was visiting Kumamoto on a business trip. I am writing this article now remembering that.

It was a time when there was little influence of corona in Japan.

It was one night and two days, but I think the content is quite deep.

"Kumamon" of Kumamoto Tourism Ambassador
"Kumamon" of Kumamoto Tourism Ambassador

"Kumamon" comes to my mind when I hear Kumamoto.

It is the most famous character which represents Kumamoto.

You can see that printed in souvenir and goods anywhere if you walk around the city.

Kumamoto castle in reconstruction
Kumamoto castle in reconstruction

It was raining that day and I couldn't go to Kumamoto Castle because of other job.

But, It is very valuable to see up close the castle under reconstruction after the 2016 Kumamoto earthquake, so I regret not gone there.

At night, I went to a restaurant in Kumamoto city and had a famous cuisine "Basashi" which is raw horse meat.

In Japan, there are several regions that eat horse meat.

Kumamoto is one of them.