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Fun Fan JPN  collection and records cookies.
Also, only records your e-mail address and contact details when you log into designated sections of the website and case of inquiry. Your details are only used for a data base purpose and will only be added to a mailing list once you enter your details. All personal information that you choose to provide us will only be used for the purpose in which it was provided. Your personal information will not be given to any other companies or organizations and will only be disclosed if required by law.

About cookies,

With this cookie policy, we would like to inform you about the use of cookies or similar storage technologies (hereinafter “cookies”) on our websites. 

What is cookies,

Cookies are small text files that are stored by your browser on your device to save certain information or image files, such as pixels. The next time you visit our website on the same device, the information saved in the cookies will subsequently be transmitted either to our website (“First Party Cookie”) or to another website to which the cookie belongs (“Third Party Cookie”).

Through the information saved and returned, the respective website recognizes that you have already accessed and visited it with the browser you use on that device. We use this information to be able to design and display the website in an optimum way in line with your preferences.

In that respect, only the cookie itself is identified on your device. Beyond this extent, your personal data will only be saved upon your express consent or if it is strictly necessary to be able to use the service offered to and accessed by you accordingly.

Consent to the use of Cookies
Cookies that are not absolutely necessary to make the services available on our website are only used when we receive your consent. As soon as you actively use our website by continuing to use our website, you consent to the use of cookies.

Marketing cookies come from third party cookies and are used to gather information about the websites visited by the user in order to create targeted advertising for the user.

Administration and deletion of cookies
You can set your web browser in such a way that cookies are generally prevented from being saved to your device and/or that you are asked each time whether you are in agreement with cookies being enabled. You can also at any time delete cookies that have been enabled again. You can find out how all this works in detail from your browser’s help function.

For the web browsers Firefox, Microsoft Internet Explorer and Google Chrome you can find an explanation in words and with pictures under the following link:

Please note that generally deactivating cookies may lead to functional restrictions of our website.

Google analytics

This website uses Google Analytics to understand the use situation of the site. Google Analytics uses cookies to gather your information anonymously and aggregate website trend data without identifying individual customers. For an overview of Google Analytics, please visit the Google Analytics site.



Handling of personal information of Travel term and conditions

Personal information may be collected by entrusted travel agencies etc. which undertakes consignment sales contracts with Our company. (Hereinafter referred to as "dealers") and made available to our company in a range necessary for you to receive travel services.

・Personal information that has been supplied in the application form that you submitted when you apply to travel.
・Personal information that has been described in the booking sheet on the Internet, when you apply to travel. In addition, any information required to use for contact with customers, and for supply of customers transportation, accommodation facilities, such as while in travel,
(main transportation, accommodation facilities, such as is described in the contract in writing arrange services provided) which are required when you apply to travel.
In addition, Our Company may be required to use your personal information as described below.
 1. Sending information of our travel product and campaign.
 2. To get your impressions and opinion.
 3. A questionnaire survey.
 4. Offer to special favor service.
 5. For make statistical data.

We will provide in order to facilitate travel arrangements and transportation, accommodation facilities the following information to by sent in advance by the electronic method such as the information of the extent necessary to provide, and for those services, such as Your name, age, sex, address, telephone number, email address, passport number, credit card number.
Our Company may provide the personal data of customers held by the company to the souvenir shop. For the convenience of customers such as shopping at travel destination.
In this case, it provides your name, personal data related to the departure date and flight number, etc. by sending of electronic method and the like in advance.
Note, if you wish to stop the sharing of personal information to the souvenir shop, please request when applying.
We collect personal information of customers, and about to use, please refer to the following regarding its use:
 1. Our Company will provide details about collection purpose, range of use , brochure when you apply
 2.Unless we gain your consent, it will not be used except for collection purposes.
 3.Our company will get the consent if we provide to third party, deposit, inform you that effect in advance.
 4.If you are a underage, Our company will obtain the consent of parental authority.
 5. We will strictly manage and store
In order to simplify the future for your trip application, we may want to share your information within the company and its affiliates and customers.

This Booking Procedures, Terms & Conditions document has been created based on the Japanese document.
By any chance, if the difference in the words of nuance occurs we will apply the Japanese travel industry conditions document. If you would like refer to Japanese document.

law of travel agency in Japanese.

For the name of the person or company name who has the responsibility for the management of personal data please refer the below.
Marika Ito





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