Sadachiyo Sukeroku no Yado Tokyo

SADACHIYO Sukeroku no Yado Tokyo



Room type Japanese Style with Bath and Toilet.
*2-4 people Share/a room. 
Please ask us, if above 5 people..



・1 night,Accommodation 
・1 breakfast / per night
・Towel, toothbrush,Yukata,Tabi(Japanese Room Shoes).
・Children rate please ask us.

SADACHIYO Sukeroku no Yaodo
(貞千代 助六の宿)

Sadachiyo is one of the few remaining ryokans in central Tokyo. It is very quiet despite being in the heart of the city, because it is orientated away from a main road. The inside of the ryokan has many Japanese antiques so you can fully experience and be immersed in the Edo era atmosphere.

Located approx 10 minute walk from Tawaramachi Station for Tokyo Metro Ginza Line.




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