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Backcountry Experience in Hakuba . 

backcountry in Hakuba
Backcountry light tour
Welcome Beginner!
backcountry in Hakuba

You can Join the Backcountry If you can enjoy rough terrain in the slopes. 

Hike Up hour is short.

Duration: about 7 hours.  8:00am -14:30 pm


※ In the case of participants one person, you can departs the tour add payment ¥ 5,000.

※ If you uninsured of injury, require insurance (the day of acceptance at the time) insurance premiums ¥ 500/per person.


JPY10,000~/person (including tax)

backcountry in Hakuba
Hakuba 1 day tour
For Experienced people
backcountry in Hakuba

Require Hike Up is 3~4 hours.

Duration: about 8 hours 8:00am-15:30pm




※ In the case of participants one person, you can departs the tour add payment ¥ 5,000.

※ If you uninsured of injury, require insurance (the day of acceptance at the time) insurance premiums ¥ 500/per person.


JPY12,000~/person (including tax)

backcountry in Hakuba
Backcountry Private guide
Begginer to Advanced
backcountry in Hakuba

Meeting time and spot is Asking and Negotiable.

Duration: about 7 hours 7:30-15:00


JPY10,500~/person (including tax)

Private Backcountry Guide

Cancellation Counting about from the Departure day.

If you cancel and change schedule, please let us know information by email that tour title,participants date,Name . 
However we do not accept the schedule change on the departure day.

Called off the held

If Less than minimum number of participants. (I will determine and inform in up to 3 days in advance.)
If our guide determine and judged tour is danger by weather and other warning.
Transfer was suspended service and Impassable caused by bad weather.


Inform of called off :befre a day by 18:00 to Representative.
If decided called off tour departure day we will contact soon.
If decided called off tour started tour Refuge to Safe from there.
if 1 hour passed tour started tour that not refund fare,but Refund all fare within 1 hour.


Excluding Cost:Participation cost (Lift ticket,Accommodation,Transfer cost,etc.) will be borne own.
Please share cost with participation member If used taxi and bus.

Self-responsibility and liability waiver, insurance:

Can not promise to ensure safety for all of the risks lurking in nature. If you injury, accident. It can not take usual medial service like a Big City.
So you require of your determine and judge yourself for safe.

We require sign of you on Departure day. And Under 20 years old participation will submit agreement of the guardian or an companions with.
Accident insurance: All participation require subscribe to the accident insurance. (Insurance fee included in the safety management costs.Please Note that we can not assume the responsibility with regard to the your injury and damages in excess of the coverage of this insurance.


Our responsibility and Disclaimer(Our meaning operating company. Not FunFanJPN.)

Upon held, if the damage to the participants by the Company of intent or gross negligence, we responsibility to compensate for the damage.

Our Company doed not assume the responsibility by below the reasons.

1. Expenditure was incurred by If transfer,accommodation was in accident,stop,fire damage.
And it was Charges,costs,expenses by cancellation fee caused by them.

2. When stop the holding of the day for the purpose of ensuring safety due to a sudden change in the danger rising water and weather if it took the expenditure, such as travel expenses.

3. When leave this course by the participate reasons. It has been abandonment of your all rights.

4. Decision and refuse to participate If participants are sick,injured and other reason.

Basic equipment:
Skiing (skiing fan not) or snowboard, wear, knit hat,
Goggles, sunglasses, gloves etc.


Backcountry equipment (hire available / reservation is require) If you require hire,please let us know with below the form.
Snowshoes or climbing skins, backpack, telescopic pole,
Beacon, probe, shovel, etc.


Lunch (all courses)
Please bring it like a brick easy to eat in the snowy mountains. 
Rice balls are easy to freeze cause moisture. Bread and cookies is Better. 
Drink is better bottle of hot drink in the hot water.


These Tour condition is all rights by operating company's.

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