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Tokyo 2hours Real Ninja Experience in Tokyo

You can learn Ninjutsu from real modern ninja and Experience at real Ninja Dojo.

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You can learn Ninjutsu from real modern ninja

You can experience how to use japanese sword and shuriken

Experience in a real Ninja Dojo

The original costume is rent for free

Female Ninja whoi si the succeseeor of Bushinkan teaches.


Reception → Change Clothing → Explain and experience while watching images (basic operation of sword and shuriken) → shooting time → clothes → end.

■Feature of experience
Changing to the original kimono-base martial arts uniform and learning the "beautiful way to use" of the sword and shuriken while watching the video.
Through 120 minutes of experience, you can master a series of actions from drawn sword → upper stance to cut → sword sheathe.
Also you have plenty of time for shooting, so you can enjoy shooting with photo spots.

■About experience time
「Ninja Experience」 start time,
※about 2 hours from the start time(Including costume change time).

■About the Place

It is located in Shibuya.

<Minimum and Maximum>

From 2 up to 10 people.

experience fee, original kimono-base martial arts uniform rental fee.

Language : English

*If need other language, Do not hesitate, please ask us.


transportation expenses to Ninja Dojo, Other costume rental fee(optional),additional items rental fee(optional).

JPY8,000/per person

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Ninja experience
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