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Another Kamakura, secret Great Buddha hiking tour

You can watch and touch to another side of Kamakura. That, living temple in very quiet atmosphere, ancient holy place before Japanese official history, and another one’s Great Buddha in jungle mountain.

Hike and climb up low mountain, to visit old temple and ancient prayer
place, finely discover the secret Great Buddha of gigantic rock, through
particular forest. You can get experience like a Indiana Jones movies!


 AM9:00, gather at Kamakura station, then move to starting point of
Then, visit to quiet temple, watch the ancient prayer place , and take a
little rest on the peak of mountain with good view.
Then you can discover Buddha in deep forest.

Descent mountain and move station on 12:30.

After this, go to take lunch in ”Japanese meal”, on 13:30.
Then, breakup after return to Kamakura station on about 15:00.

In this tour, you can watch and touch to another side of Kamakura.

<Please Note>
Necessary garments and belongings is, hard shoes or boot that for hiking
or walking, underwear or pants of all covering legs, shirt of long sleeves,
some beverages.

<Participation condition> 
From 6 years old(must join with adults).
Those who are no any trouble by health.

<Minimum and Maximum>
from 2 people up to 6 people.

Guide Fee.

From JPY5,000 to JPY15,000/per person (from 2 up to 6 people) *If preferred to participate with only one person, please feel free to contact us.

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Secret kamakura buddha


Great Buddha

Japanese trditional soba of local

e.g. Japanese cuisine.

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